Redeployment Notification Sign-up

We are currently redeploying our build platform hosting arrangements onto our own servers to ensure continuity of service. 

This process will require all existing App Wizard customers (subscribers) to create a new account in the 'rebooted' site. 

App Wizard subscribers will be required to 'migrate' their existing Apps from the current site, to the new site (after the new hosting arrangements have been finalised). In order to do this, subscribers must:

a. download a 'backup' of each App in the current App Wizard site (as soon as possible); and

b. recreate each App by 'restoring from backup' in the subcriber's 'new' App Wizard account.

This process is quick and easy. 

As part of our new hosting arrangement, all our subscribers are able to build their App(s) for free! 

Yes, build as many Apps as you like for free, then pay only when you are ready to publish. Under the new pricing plan, the standard subscription fee will be $AUD 59 per month to publish up to three (3) separate Apps. Other subscription options will be available for customers with more than three Apps.

Please provide your details below, so that we canl contact you once our redeployment project is finalised (expected before mid March 2021), so that you can create a new account with App Wizard and not lose access to the App(s) you created. 

Note: Please do not create a new account until we have confirmed our rebooted platform is live.

We look forward to providing superior customer service and exceeding your expectations.